POSITION: Compliance Manager
LOCATION: Henderson, NV
HOURS: Full-time
SALARY: $57158.00 Annual
QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Economics, or foreign equivalent.
RESUMES AND INQUIRIES TO: max@usexpresscarriers.com
Responsible for safety operations of fleet, driver compliance.
Responsible for safety operation functions of fleet and drivers including, but not limited to,
decisions regarding hiring, training, placement, discipline, and termination.
Identify compliance issues to ensure requiring follow-up and investigations.
Oversee operations to ensure that quality and customer expectations are met, maintained, and
conducted within the safety guidelines of the Company and its customers.
Maintain all driver qualification files in compliance with regulations and coordinate with third party
Audit and review electronic reports and logs as well as assist drivers with discrepancies and
Ensure all driver license, medical cards, gap forms, and certificate of violations are current and
properly maintained in the driver qualification file.
Perform annual audit of all active driver qualification file.
Investigate, evaluate, and settle accident and cargo claims.